Canopy Gap was founded in 2009 by Todd Hoskins. After a dozen years of working in the technology space for corporate and startup companies, Todd recognized that the effectiveness of organizational strategy was always trumped by its ability to be in relationship with its employees, stakeholders, and constituents.

Since the founding of Canopy Gap in 2009, Todd has focused on helping build networks of affection, working with organizations and their stakeholders on deepening community and communications.

Todd was a contributor to Thrivability: a Collaboratve Sketch, and is an advisor to Revenue Ventures, Awakening Value, RainWorks, and REX – the Relationship Economy eXpedition . In 2014, Todd was named one of the top influencers in the Network Economy by SAP.


A writing and communications veteran, Pia Kealey has served a coast to coast clientele with marketing and public relations insights for more than twenty years. Creating proposals of work for highly competitive opportunities, including government bids, is one of her most sought after skills. Composing sales presentations, marketing materials, award submissions and articles for publication provide valuable contributions to the success of numerous organizations. For clients whose complex work requires clarification or translation, effective technical writing bridges the gap between the design room and the lay audience. Past clients include EverGreene Architectural Arts, the Wisconsin Humane Society, and the Great Harvest Bread Company.


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