Todd Hoskins is both a practitioner and thought leader in the art and science of working together, with a focus on the dynamics of life that lead to coordinated movement in teams, and in ecosystems.

In 2009, Todd launched Canopy Gap, which has evolved into an ecosystem design and coaching practice inspired by his passion for cooperation, collaboration, and navigating complexity. With wisdom guide Marti Spiegelman, Todd co-hosts the podcast and leadership program Leading from Being. In addition, Todd is a certified facilitator in Respectful Confrontation and the Kahakulei Institute’s Second Circle methodology, as well as the Senior Fellow for Architectures of Collaboration at the People-Centered Internet, as US-based nonprofit working on global tech cooperation. He serves on the boards of Wisdom Projects, the Fierce Civility Project, and Waskawiwin, a native-American organization supporting digital equity.

With graduate work in psychology, interest in network science and ecology, and training in awareness and somatic learning, Todd thrives when bridging disciplines and dimensions. Having worked in the corporate world, technology startups, and with a wide variety of entrepreneurs and nonprofits, he has helped launch 18 organizations and initiatives in the last fifteen years, as well as worked with large organizations including Microsoft, Lenovo, Kaiser Permanente, NASA, Dell, and Northwestern University.

Todd is accustomed to a diverse set of spaces – from boardrooms to laboratories to forests – and he revels living splitting time between the tropical dry forest of Costa Rica and the wilderness of Northern Michigan. With his partner Pia, Todd is also an instructor of Argentine Tango.

Pia Kealey

A writing and communications veteran, Pia’s focus is on clarifying and sharing the story — from the heart of the matter, in the myriad of ways and places to tell it. What are you doing, why, how and for whom? The essence. The details. The people. The purpose. The value. How it gets told varies whether for web content or a 140-character post, for a white paper audience or for publication. Her most sought-after skill is creating specialized and technical proposals of work—a story of understanding client needs and presenting the satisfying ways these can be met.


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