DSC00487Canopy Gap was founded in 2009 by Todd Hoskins. After a dozen years of working in the technology space for corporate and startup companies, Todd recognized that the effectiveness of organizational strategy was always trumped by its ability to be in relationship with its employees, stakeholders, and constituents.

Since the founding of Canopy Gap in 2009, Todd has focused on helping build networks of affection, working with organizations and their stakeholders on deepening community and communications.

Todd has worked with leaders on aligning vision, relationships, and actions at institutions such as Deere, Kraft, and Northwestern University.  He serves on the board of the Chicago Wisdom Project. In addition, he speaks on community, relational intelligence, relational business, and the power of connectedness.

Todd was a contributor to Thrivability: a Collaboratve Sketch, and is an advisor to Revenue Ventures, Awakening Value, and REX – the Relationship Economy eXpedition . In 2014, Todd was named one of the top influencers in the Network Economy by SAP.

Joel headshotJoel Shapira joined Canopy Gap after working in sales, business development and large account management roles for both early-stage and publicly traded technology companies for over 20 years. His focus has been customer acquisition and strategic partnership development that accelerate business growth. Joel is passionate about cultivating mutually beneficial relationships that create new possibilities for collaboration and advancement.

Joel’s graduate studies in organizational effectiveness and advisory work for several startups and non-profits complements his corporate experiences to provide a deep understanding of what is required to facilitate communication and collaboration in teams.

In addition to his professional consulting efforts, Joel is a National Board Member for both the Village to Village Network and Theater for Social Change and is working to support efforts to help older adults “age in community” better.


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