“To reap the full benefit of social technologies, organizations must transform their structures, processes, and cultures: they will need to become more open and nonhierarchical and to create a culture of trust. Ultimately, the power of social technologies hinges on the full and enthusiastic participation of employees who are not afraid to share their thoughts and trust that their contributions will be respected. Creating these conditions will be far more challenging than implementing the technologies themselves. “  — McKinsey Global Institute, July, 2012

Canopy Gap works with organizations who are looking to broaden and deepen connections with:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Members
  • Partners
  • Local communities
  • Higher education – students, alumni, staff, & faculty

Community is a bit of a buzz word, used in contexts varying from religion to industry. Why is it still a word worth using? As Peter Block writes, community is “a structure of belonging.”  Belonging is a basic human need. With shared purpose, trust, and quality interactions, people begin to feel this sense of belonging – even if the community is only virtual.

When people experience membership within a community, they are motivated to take action, support one another, and learn from each other. Canopy Gap has worked in partnership with over a dozen organizations to nurture vibrant community.

Whether you are seeking to foster face-to-face connections, build or nurture an online community, or participate more fruitfully in social media, Canopy Gap can help. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.