Leading organizations understand that relationships with all stakeholders within their ecosystems — employees, customers, partners, etc. — are integral to their success and significance. That in fact the ecosystem strongly influences, and often determines, all activity within the organization.

One of the difficulties in comprehending the relationships within an organization’s ecosystem is the ability to “see” what is happening.

Canopy Gap guides clients through an ecosystem mapping process that leads to:

  • New perspectives on the investment of time and resources
  • Insight into relationships that need to be addressed
  • Possible network effects for the organization

The mapping process can look at the connections between departments inside the enterprise, and/or between influential groups that are external, such as media, government, NGO’s, distributors, wholesalers, etc. GapMapping™, one type of mapping approach, provides a visualization of the shared purpose, trust, and flow of communication throughout an organization’s ecosystem.

The core value of ecosystem mapping is much more than the map itself. The insights and potential actions typically swell within discussion, giving organizations a new horizon in which to view their business.

Please contact us to learn how ecosystem mapping can lead to vital growth.