GapSpanning™ helps organizations build purpose, trust, and flow at the individual, group, organization, and ecosystem levels. Through a process of data collection, sense-making, and solution prototyping, we collectively explore the foundational dynamics that impact your business.


Data Collection

GapSpanning™ uses a mix of GapMapping, diagnostics, interviews, group facilitation, workshops, and other tools to understand how purpose, trust, and flow are at work. Methods vary based on the client’s situation and needs. Data collection is not a one-time phase — it is the very important listening component of the cycle.


The focus of GapSpanning™ is more on listening than advising. We believe that every organization has the intelligence it needs to thrive. During the sense-making part of the cycle, we work with our clients to reflect on the data that is being collected and what it means to the organization. This involves developing a perception for possibilities, both in understanding the dynamics at work and seeing possibilities for action.

Listening adjusted

Solution Prototyping

Organizational thinking can be developed concretely through action by prototyping. Creating tangible expressions of ideas enables a kind of fast-forward trial and error, allowing small, low-impact failures to occur early – which results in faster organizational learning. Prototyping also gives permission and encouragement to explore new behaviors, making it easier for individuals to try them on and potentially change what they do.

GapSpanning agents work with our clients to determine the best points of leverage for the organization. Regardless of whether there are issues with purpose, trust, or flow, taking action in one part of the ecosystem can impact the whole.

Purpose, Trust, Flow

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