The future of the university is emerging as a highly networked – not siloed – institution. Schools who understand this are connecting practitioners with academics, alumni with alumni, and providing continual value beyond graduation and departure.

The word university is derived from the Latin word universitas which translates to “all turned into one,” or “whole.” Unfortunately, with the complexity of the modern university, the “one” is often lost within the “many.”

Higher education institutions have a unique opportunity at this time to weave networks in order to increase the overall value of the institution. How does this happen?

  • Connecting alumni to one another
  • Linking the “parts” and “partners” of the university internally and externally
  • Re-envisioning “advancement”
  • Rethinking the ongoing value exchange from prospect to alumnus/a

We believe organizations that see themselves in:

  • distributed ecosystems of learning and working
  • communities of mutual benefit
  • relationship networks

…have a decided advantage in navigating the turbulent waters ahead if they grasp the opportunity to lead their transformation.

Canopy Gap works with higher education institutions on deepening and broadening relationships between alumni, students, faculty, and staff, as well as corporate and community partnerships. GapMapping™ for higher ed allows you to see possibilities for de-siloing as well as building shared purpose, trust, and flow throughout the network.

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