The World Needs the Full You


Now more than ever we are seeing the need to bring forth and nurture the unique gifts that each one of us has to offer, but we need to do this in a radically new way. Most leadership training is focused on planning ‘what to do’ and strategizing on how to ‘stay ahead’. At best these “what” and “how” approaches nurture isolation and impede our efforts to succeed together.

We are passionate about building a community of people who lead from being rather than doing. When we lead from being, it shifts how we are able to know the world, how we relate to one another, how we create, and how we share wealth of all kinds. Leading from being shifts what we do, and that is the real doorway into changing how we do things.

The Shift

This way of leadership we talk about – in service to organizations, communities, and the planet as a whole – can only be realized through a shift in consciousness, a shift into being collectively conscious.

In our experience this shift takes courage and training, but is not only achievable, it is what we humans designed for. It is not a subjective idea, but a precise mastery of how we perceive, relate, and create. It is this precise shift, its applications, and its outcomes that we are offering in our new program.


The pilot program for Leading from Being began in October, 2018 with rave reviews. We are now launching the second cohort in January, 2019. It will consist of 6 weekly virtual sessions, during which you’ll learn profound new perspectives, principles, and practices for leadership mastery. The dialogue-based nature of these sessions will insure that you not only learn how to apply this knowledge in your situation, but we’ll be giving you high-level feedback throughout your training.

We're in This Together

Our aim is to enhance your vision of what is possible in your area of leadership and increase your capacity to impact others and the world in the way you envision.

I think we would agree the need for a new kind of leadership is urgent, and we’re looking for people like you who can step up to the challenge now. Help us develop the new leadership training the world needs!

Of course we don’t expect you to say yes based on an email or webpage. If you are interested please fill in your information below and we'll schedule a conversation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Program Format

• Small group intensive by teleconference

• Six 90-minute calls, scheduled weekly | Each call is focused on a primary principle of leadership through being, including how to apply the principle in your specific situation

• For each participant: Two 1-hour consultations with both facilitators

• An initial consult prior to the group sessions so we can get better acquainted with you and your specific challenges and questions

• A second 1-hour consult with both facilitators after Session 4, to discuss your experience with the training, as well as results and challenges you’re experiences

Fee | $1500

Your Teachers and Facilitators

Todd Hoskins Coach and advisor in the multi-dimensional dynamics of life and work. Todd has been a consultant and transformational facilitator for leaders and organizations large and small.  

Marti Spiegelman Mentor/teacher in ‘precision consciousness’. The unique quality of Marti's work is the result of her more than 40 years of business experience woven with her knowledge of science, cutting edge work in graphic communications, and expertise in the workings of individual and collective consciousness. and

Content of Sessions



  • How we know things
  • Sourcing from possibilities not problems

  • Rewiring the nervous system

  • Acting from Being



  • A new understanding of leadership
    • How collectives actually work
    • Roles vs job descriptions

    • Contribution vs authority

  • A new understanding of value
    • The leader’s role in creating value and putting value to work

    • The sources of great value creation

  • Beyond emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • Putting strategy and planning in their proper place
  • Wisdom, intuition, and its impersonators


  • New dimensions of awareness
    • Presence and membership
    • Connectivity and frameworks
  • New dimensions of relationship
    • Complementarities and similarities
    • The multiplier effect revisited
  • New dimensions of collectivity
    • The leader's relationship with the collective
    • The leader's stewardship of inter-collective action



  • Unfurling your awareness
  • From polarities to new spheres of action
  • From friction to empowerment
Leading from Being
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