“All good methods, explanations, and theories inevitably distance us from our primal sense of participation.”

— David Tracy

How do we get to engagement? Sales? Innovation? How does transformation happen? If anyone gives you a Step A, B, and C, beware.

Methodologies are captivating. We are always trying to make sense of the world, and discover the formula that works.

But too much is changing too fast for certainty–even well-researched certainty–to hold true. The best practice of today may not work tomorrow. What is good for one organization may not work for another.

We have given up on the blueprint model altogether. It does not lead to energetic, responsive, and adaptive organizations. It leads to more of the same–yesterday’s version of the same.

Our approach at Canopy Gap is to work with organizations on significant challenges or aspirations, applying tools and principles from diverse fields in the current context of your organization. Every engagement is different because every client and every moment is different.

The principles and patterns have been tested by time. The context is always changing. How we get to better sales, innovation, or organizational transformation will depend on what is happening now–in the market, in the team, in the organization, and within each person.