In the way that we see the world, everyone is a designer. We “mark,” or “designate” our projects and our days with choices. This is what a designer does. We consciously choose an activity or a process to deepen relationships, or improve our work together.

So, we can all let go of the notion of the designer as something elite.

We are not here to tell you what you must or should do. We illuminate choices in the ways your work is structured–from strategy to collaboration to hybrid work practices. We come alongside, helping you all be better designers of meaningful work.

We are facilitators who help organizations and ecosystems work together and relate more effectively through new practices, approaches, and ways of collaborating.

In organizations, this can mean launching a new initiative, bringing more vitality and creativity to your work culture, or communicating more clearly.

It’s the same concept within ecosystems, though with outside people and organizations included.

How can we work better together?